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Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band ~ Fleetwood Macked

Fleetwood Macked the Ultimate Tribute to Fleetwood Mac is a New York based Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band. Hailed as the most authentic Fleetwood Mac tribute band in the U.S., much of the realism comes from the bands history. Husband and wife musical team Hillary and Michael (Stevie and Lindsey ) and friends Caroline, Jay, Phil and Andrew (Christine, John and Mick), that have made great music together in various incarnations finally all came together with their mutual love of Fleetwood Mac. All the members of Fleetwood Macked are and have always been professional, touring Rock musicians, which also adds to the authenticity of the sound of the band. Fleetwood Macked live brings the passion, depth, heart and the musicianship Fleetwood Mac's music requires. Whether performing the Rumours album in it's entirety or a decades show featuring Fleetwood Mac's hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's and today, every performance transports audiences to another time and place. Complete with costume changes, dialogue and video backdrops it a show not to be missed.
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Hillary Epstein as Stevie Nicks

Michael Epstein as Lindsey Buckingham

Caroline Purr as Christine McVie

Jay Novas as John McVie

Phil Weiss as Mick Fleetwood

Andrew Nadien keys, guitar, vocals